Staging is a strategic marketing tool designed to show a property in
its best possible light.

You dress for success shouldn’t you do the same for you home when

Regardless of whether the market is cold or hot a well dressed,
sparking house can garner lots of attention and potentially sell very

First impressions will impact decision making. Therefore a well
staged home will sell in less time than a non staged home.

A staged home is 73% less time on the market and the seller receives
every possible dollar for the property. The longer on the market the
lower its listed price will drop.

Staged homes are depersonalized, allowing the perspective buyer to
visualize making it their own home. Many home buyers can’t
visualize the potential of a property. A stager will prepare the
house getting it into a condition which will allow potential buyers to
see the advantages of purchasing this house.

Home sellers can’t view their home objectively. Thus creating a
challenge when packaging a home in a manner that convinces a buyer.
A stager is focused on creating a home that appeals to a broad range
of tastes.

Staging is an investment and the investment in staging is always less
than a price reduction. When compared with other costs associated
with the sale or purchase of a home, staging is very reasonable. A
Staging Report detailing what needs to be done to stage a house for
sale is less than the appraisal or Home Inspection reports.

Staging requires an objective and professional assessment of a
house’s strengths and challenge areas, and solutions to help buyers
fall in love with what they see.

This requires more than just flowers and music.

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