Seniors in Transition

A Service That Helps Seniors Move With Ease

Moving can be a big job for anyone, but seniors are often doubly challenged by also having to downsize and move treasured belongings to a smaller space. Harmonized Simplicity offers a service that combines some of the work we do for Estate Sales and Home Design.


1. Evaluation

This first step is evaluating the home in order to market it effectively. We work with seniors and their families in preparing the home for market readiness. After a complete analysis of the home we will create a plan of action to meet your budget and time frame.

2. Packing and Repair

This next step sees us gently assist seniors in preparation for the sale of their home. This process involves cleaning, packing, decluttering, addressing minor repairs and, most importantly, choosing the pieces that will best showcase the home for market. We then help select the pieces that will be travelling with them to their new residence.

3. Staging

Finally we design the new residence with the edited belongings. More often than not “Moving Day” is stressful for not only the seniors but family members as well. It is our job to see that the transition is made with ease. We will unpack their belongings set up their spaces with all of their wonderful things prior to their arrival.