Home Design

Making Your Space “Yours”

You don’t have to be selling your home to benefit from design services. Harmonized Simplicity consultants can assist clients with many aspects of home design including:

  • Paint colours
  • Cabinet & hardware choices
  • Counters
  • Flooring choices



  • Lighting
  • Selecting new furniture and placement
  • Accents, accessories and more


New Home Design

It’s often difficult to visualize your furnishings in your new home so it’s not surprising many homeowners discover that items that worked in the prior home don’t work as well in the new one. Harmonized Simplicity can help you fit your existing possessions into your new space seamlessly by using the same items in a new way! We will also make recommendations for additional purchases if needed to complete the new look.

Existing Space Redesign

Redesign clients are looking for ways to enhance their existing home. This may involve reclaiming lost equity by repurposing existing spaces. Our team of professional stagers enjoy working with homeowners rearranging, refreshing and reusing their own items in new and creative ways while redefining existing living spaces.

Karen is a very talented room stager. She recently staged my home as an open house for my business. Her ability to be both creative and practical in thinking out of the box is remarkable.My guests loved the look of the artisan products and informative posters she had strategically and artistically arranged around the rooms. I felt that I had been a partner in the efficient transformation – when really she had all the great ideas! I will not hesitate in recommending Karen to others. Elaine Silverthorn

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