Estate Sales

and Downsizing

Settling an estate, or moving a loved one out of a long-time home, can be traumatic.

Estate matters are delicate times for most clients. Many struggle with the initial process and are unsure of how to get started.

Let us help. For more than a decade we have helped families through the estate sale process. With our proven track record you can put your trust in our very capable team of professionals. When you need estate sale services, or even just want to downsize from a larger home, please contact us for a private consultation.

Every estate settlement is different and will be handled in a personalized manner. Typically, however, we follow all or most of the following steps.


1. Discovery & Consultation

  • One of our professionals will meet with all parties concerned to identify the needs of the client.
  • We do an inspection of the property to evaluate and determine necessary steps.
  • We provide a quote which will also include a time line and schedule for completion.

Should the client agree to move forward with the estimate provided:

  • Our professionals will return to complete a detailed written report.
  • They will guide the client through each room and provide plans for each space.
  • If selling the contents of the property, recommendations will be provided regarding price and other details of the sale. Time constraints and financial goals will be addressed at this time.
  • For the protection of the client/estate, we ask that proof be given prior to the consultation in order to proceed with our service.

2. Organization and Sales

  • We will edit, sort, store, move/deliver, sell and/or pack your items.
  • We will make the arrangements for items to be distributed or removed.
  • We hire appraisers, auctioneers and other valuable resources to get maximum value for your items.
  • We are insured and bonded, your valuables and home will be treated with extreme care.
  • Items needed to showcase the home for sale will be removed after the sale of the home.
  • Your items will be organized, priced, catalogued, photographed and made available online in preparation for the sale.
  • The cost for this service will be based on a percentage of the sale.
  • Unwanted remaining items will be removed and/or delivered to previously designated destinations.
  • A cheque and summary of total sales will be provided to the client after the sale.

3. Staging

  • The property is now cleared of all unnecessary or unwanted items.
  • An assessment of condition will be made to get the home market ready. The property will be cleaned to prepare for showcase readiness.
  • A staging professional will showcase the property for maximum market potential.
  • Once sold, any remaining items will be removed and distributed as agreed upon in the initial consultation and contract.