Property Staging


Property Staging is “Merchandising”

Property Staging is preparing your home for market – to be sold quickly and for top dollar. Most buyers shop online before they even consider contacting their realtor with a list of properties to view.

In order for you to get an edge over your competition, your property must be “picture perfect”. Never showcase your home before you are ready for market.

Property Staging is merchandising, it is the process of turning your HOME into a HOUSE which in turn becomes a PRODUCT FOR SALE.

Here are the best reasons to have your property professionally staged:

Increase General Appeal

Although, both decorating and staging are appealing to the eye, decorating is personalizing spaces for the comfort of the homeowner while property staging is quite the opposite. De-personalizing and neutralizing spaces to appeal to the largest general audience is an effective technique in Property Staging.

Show the Value

It is all about the equity. Professional Property Stagers are trained to recognize and highlight equity points throughout your home. More importantly, they help reclaim lost equity. There is nothing more exciting than creating spaces that add value $$$ to the price of your home.

Eliminate The Excuses

Interested buyers want the best deal and tend to make excuses as to why they should not pay full list price for your property. Condition is usually the first cause for such an excuse. As Professional Property Stagers we are not in the business of “covering up” flaws or defects. Our professionals have been trained to recognize and address any and all conditions related to the property. By addressing these concerns we eliminate excuses.

Buyers Want Move In Ready

Most buyers were sellers before they were buyers and have already done their due diligence to get their home ready. These buyers expect nothing less from you. For best results, follow the consultation report recommendations provided to you by your Professional Property Stager.

Buyers Need To Wear The Space

Much like shopping for a new sweater, dress or car trying it will determine the fit. Property Staging involves reconfiguring spaces and developing a natural traffic flow throughout to showcase equity value throughout the home. The longer we can keep a buyer in the house the better chance we have of it being a perfect fit.

Sell The Building Not Your Things

De-cluttering helps to showcase the walls, windows, floors and other equity in the home. A Professional Stager will take the time to evaluate your home, then walk through the property with you to discuss recommendations and options. Remember, we are not selling your things we are selling the building and the property it’s on.

There is a science to getting results and it is the job of our stagers to effectively package your home for market readiness. The more interest we can attract, the better chance of selling within the first weeks of being on the market.

On average, staged homes sell up to 3 times faster than homes that are not staged. So should you find yourself still on the market after 30 days, go back and revisit your report and review the recommendations. Organize This, Design That stagers will help you sell faster and smarter.