With Life’s Twists & Turns:

Caring for parents or inlaws as they move through their 80’s is an emotional, mental and physical adjustment for everyone. The balancing act can be overwhelming trying to care for our immediate family needs, and job and also caring for our parents changing needs. Sometimes it’s difficult for us to move from our title as the “child” to our title as the “caregiver”.

Following are 3 helpful tips when preparing for change:

  1. Be pro-active rather than re-active. Consider their changing needs before it becomes a necessity. How is their physical and mental health?
  2. Consider downsizing, but remaining independent. Sometimes it is only necessary to move from the large family home into something smaller with less upkeep, all the while maintaining autonomy.
  3. Financial constraints (if any). Do they need to liquidate their large asset (family home) in order to live in a life style they have become accustom to.

These 3 tips can all be accomplished with a conversation where all the parties involved discuss how they are feeling. What concerns does everyone have? What if any, is their next move? What do they need help with? What fears do they have with regards to change? It is simply a conversation, with no deadlines or expectations of having the answers to everything, but rather putting together a plan and see where it leads.

If you need help starting that conversation, contact one of us at Organize This, Design That and we help you design a plan that has everyone’s best interests at heart. We have assisted many people making this transition affordable, respectful and meaningful.